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Members of OVERKILL Racing
Jonathon S. Figley Jr. 02' Cannondale Cannibal 440
Joshua P. Figley 98' Yamaha Banshee
Jon Ruscoe 01' Honda 400ex
Joesph Ruscoe 02' Honda 400ex
Jim Ruscoe 99' Honda 400ex
Lenny Glavin 01' Yamaha Raptor
Mike Figley 01' Kawaski KX 100
Neko Figley 01' Kawaski KX 80
Cole Glavin 02' Kawaski KX 65
Timmy Beaver 01' Cobra 50
Cortnie Figley 00' Suzuki 80

OVERKILL racing was formed in March 2001 by Jonathon Figley and Josh Thompson. They were riding there street bikes. Jon on a 2001 Suzuki GSX-R 1000, and Josh on a 2000 Suzuki GSX-R750. They stopped for a drink at a gas station in down town Savannah Georgia, and Josh told Jon that his R1 eating machine was such an overkill for the street. The two friends laughed and went on there way. About two weeks later, they were at a local street track outside of Savannah Airport and there were all kinds of race teams and someone ask the two what there team was called. So the two handsome fellows said "OVERKILL Racing!" and the name has stuck. They quit the street scene because of a motorcycle accident that took the life of Jon's father, Jon Sr., and have been kicking butt racing ATV's and dirt bikes. It's a young group that will be around for a long time.

Sponsers of OVERKILL Racing
ATV WORLD LLC. (330)482-4623
MATTHEW'S CYCLE (330)426-2930

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