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Some of OVERKILL'S best riders

Jon Figley pulling up the front

Cortnie catching some air!!

Jon Figley's 2001Suzuki GSX-R 1000

Josh Figley messing around out behind the house

Jon Figley and Jon Ruscoe before St. Clairesville national

Jon Figley's cannon in the mud

Josh Figley powersliding

Jon Ruscoe after the Milfield Ohio round

Rich"REE REE"Plantz showing his stuff

Jon getting it!

Going through a rhythm section at Tee Garden

Still moving!!

Jon and Josh at Big Game

Jon at Big Game

Jon at the house

Jon having fun

Jon Figley at St.Clairesville round

Jon pointing at you

Jon with a nice roost

Ralph Gingher showing off his leg

Cole Glavin piloting his cobra to a fine victory at Mansfield Ohio

Josh clapping his hands

Josh with a no-hander

Josh pointing at you

Josh powersliding

Ree Ree reaching for the sky!

Jim Ruscoe at Spring Valley

Jon Figley's holeshot at St.Clairesville Ohio round

Jon Figley in the mud at St.Clairesville

Jon Ruscoe at Big Game